Online Career Centre
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What would you do to make certain that you really LOVE your job?

Have you ever wondered what it is that REALLY motivates and energises you about work?
Do you ever stop and ask yourself whether the job you’re doing is aligned with your own personal values?
Are you tired of being asked to do more and more of the things you’re great at...but secretly you don’t enjoy doing?
Would you like to understand more about your workplace profile, to help you create an exceptional plan to get where you’d REALLY like to go?
What skills would you like to focus on developing over the next 12 months to help you get closer to your dream job?


The tool you’re about to purchase has been designed by a team of Occupational Psychologists and is an exceptional way of helping you to explore how to shape your job so that you are able to LOVE what you do. The action you take might be small steps or you might make a decision about a complete change of direction as a result of what you see in your report.


The results are designed so that you can understand and develop your own plans quickly and easily. We’ve designed a quick guide to help you use the OCC. If you want to debrief your results, we offer telephone coaching, face to face coaching (in New Zealand), or we can work with your own coach or manager to help them review the results of the report with you directly.


You will receive a personal report, and a report that you can share with your Manager to allow them to understand more about what you’d like to do more of (or less of) in your job. You might use the report to agree areas of personal development, or changes you’d like to make to your responsibilities.



As an added bonus, the Online Career Centre also gives you access to tools and resources to help you grow and progress your career. Some examples include; building your personal brand at work, writing a career mission statement, growing your networks, time management, managing change and many more.


Don’t just take our word about how great the Online Career Centre is:


“You encouraged me to use the results of the OCC to explore my next career move and three years later I am still referring back to the results to help me grow my responsibilities at work – thank you!” Mark 2011


“Back in October 2009 I was at a cross-roads in my career. I approached you via telephone asking for advice. I never met you in person as I had a rough idea which direction, just needed further clarification. You suggested I used your Online Career Centre. I did the assessment exercises and have subsequently never looked back. I have followed the advice the report gave me and often review the report to put me back on track if I feel I’m losing sense of what my values are. Thank you!!” Kate, 2012


“I needed to be able to talk to my manager about why I wasn’t enjoying work, and wanted to find something objective that would let me have that conversation. Your Online Career Centre gave me the words I was looking for, and now I’ve got a plan to make changes and could not be happier!” Ben, 2012


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