Career Transition

Making a decision to change your career can be exciting...yet we find that the world still seems to be full of people who wish they were doing something different or would like to get more from their profession.

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the choices available to you or daunted by making such a big change by yourself...maybe you’d simply like somebody with the skills and expertise to help you look at things from a different angle.

Whether you are choosing to change your career, or whether you are going through a redundancy process we have the tools and resources to help you. Ranging from our world class Online Career Centre through to personal coaching sessions, we will help you to find the confidence to take the next step in your career.

Be sure to Keep Your Cool when you’re making a career decision by using Kathryn’s book How to Keep Your Cool if you Lose Your Job – a redundancy workbook that’s full of essential tools and resources to help you and is essential reading to survive a career transition.

Example Clients

Some examples of people we have worked with in the last 12 months include:


Brian – was made redundant from a job he had been in for many years. We helped him to rebuild his confidence and plan his next career move.

Sue – is a senior manager who wants to make a move to a new city in order to progress her career to new levels. She used our DISC profiling programme to understand her own strengths and potential areas for development, in order to grow her emotional intelligence as a leader.

Carol – was rocked by the Canterbury earthquake in many ways and decided to use it as a catalyst to identify what she REALLY wants to do with her career. Using our Online Career Centre she created her personalised profile and explored career paths that would more closely suit her report.

Caitlin – had spent most of her life training for a professional career as an accountant but began to recognise that this was not where her main motivators lie. Through coaching she was able to identify what really drives her about work and is currently building networks in a new direction to support her future career path.

Jody – wanted to apply for a promotion when her company restructured. She worked with us to sharpen up her interview skills and prepare for the requirements of the new, and more senior role

Andy – wants to move to Australia but isn’t sure what he’s going to do when he gets there. Careerbalance has helped him to explore his strengths and the experience he has to help him continue in a successful career. We’ve also helped him to grow his networks in Australia and the good news is that he has already got a few interviews lined up!

Free Resources

To help with your thinking we’ve designed some Coffee Break articles especially for you - so grab yourself a coffee and enjoy these free resources;

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Fans of Career Transition

Its cool to have a career coach!
A video testimonial from one of my clients.


I have worked with Kathryn on a number of occasions since 2008. She has an incredible talent for what she does, and her coaching programmes really are effective and deliver amazing results.

I have always found Kathryn to be highly professional, supportive and creative. In addition to her impressive qualifications she has a wealth of experience to draw upon. This all comes with a sense of fun and laughter.
- Loudon

Kathryn contributed significantly to helping me define my career goals, aspirations and tactical plan for how I could achieve those goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kathryn to anyone looking for professional career advice and/ or services.

Kathryn is the consummate professional, and delivers with warmth and humour to achieve exceptional results.
- Patsy