Essential Questions To Grow Your Team


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Are you curious about using coaching at work, but unsure how to start?
Have you seen awesome lists of coaching questions but you’d like to see how they might look in a REAL workplace conversation?
Do you sometimes find it tough to decide when and who to coach at work?
Are you an HR professional looking for a resource to support coach training for managers in your workplace?
Ultimately - would you like access to one of the most comprehensive lists of coaching questions currently available?

You’re in luck!

Brought to you by Kathryn Jackson, author of How to Keep Your Cool if You Lose Your Job (Longacre Press, 2009) these eBooks contain over 500 coaching questions which have been designed to support the most common management discussions, including how to create performance objectives, debriefing a project, helping a team member prepare for retirement, creating career goals, exploring talents – plus MANY MORE!

"A vital guide to coaching conversations at work to deliver great business results"

-Graham Alexander, founder of the Alexander Corporation, originator of the GROW model, and author of SuperCoaching and Tales from the Top

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Based on the internationally renowned GROW Model, the eBooks have been designed with practicality in mind, including chapters on who to coach, when to coach, how to overcome barriers to coaching at work and how learning styles can impact outcomes.

"A brisk, no nonsense style eBook which will be truly helpful to leaders who want to coach their team"

-Alison Hardingham – International Best Selling author, and Director of Business Psychology at Yellow Dog Consulting UK

The eBooks you’re about to read have been designed to give you the tools to use coaching questions with members of your team – and many of the conversations can take place in 10 minutes or less.

eBOOK ONE: Essential Questions

This eBook contains a quick introduction to help you decide who to coach (and who not to coach). It then presents a series of the most common discussions at work, using the internationally acclaimed GROW model. It’s been designed as a quick guide to review before you have a coaching discussion with a member of your team. Simply check that a coaching conversation is likely to be effective, select the most appropriate conversation guide and get started.

eBOOK TWO: Grow Your Team

This eBook provides detail on the origins and use of the GROW coaching model, explores different learning styles and how they might impact the development and actions of your team when you coach them, introduces the core skills required to be a successful coach at work and identifies some of the main barriers to coaching in the workplace. The eBook also includes a detailed reference section for further reading, including an overview of the main coaching schools around the world.

eBook Conversations

1. Creating performance objectives
2. Coaching under performance
3. Creating career goals
4. Debriefing a project
5. Identifying motivators
6. Creating better work-life balance
7. Coaching over or under-utilisation
8. Encouraging involvement
9. Exploring talents
10. Coaching for retirement
11. Coaching a workplace returner
12. Presentation skills coaching
13. Coaching a sensitive personal issue
14. Coaching to embed learning
15. Coaching to explore sales outcomes
16. Growing HR Business Partner skills
17. Growing a Coaching Culture
18. Backwards Coaching
19. Event Planning
20. Solution focussed coaching questions



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